Posted by: romanshapla | January 26, 2010

Bograc & Potica

Following the amazing feast we had last week was sure to prove difficult. This Sunday we settled in for Bograc, a traditional Slovenian goulash, which is so popular in Slovenia, they hold annual competitions to find out who can make the best in each village. For our Bograc, we used three different meats: beef from grass-fed cows, natural pork and bacon. The stew was thickened with potatoes and onions. To accompany the Bograc we had a side of Kilso Zelje, a lacto-fermented sauerkraut I had prepared the previous week. And of course, a crusty baguette from a local bakery along with some red wine.

On the menu for dessert was our first attempt to make Potica, a rolled pastry layered with seasonal fillings. This is the national dessert in Slovenia, with as many variations as there are Slovenian households. We chose a cinnamon-walnut filling for ours. We look forward to trying this recipe with our own seasonal fruits this summer. This time, though, our filling came out too thin, and it was difficult to roll. I also didn’t know how thin to roll it, but later I came across several videos on Youtube for rolling potica:


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