Posted by: romanshapla | January 14, 2010

Sundays in Slovenia

Tonight our family celebrated the first evening of our “Sundays in Slovenia.” Aside from being the inaugural dinner, consisting of dishes both familiar and unknown to us, tonight’s feast was special for it’s personal connections.

Our first dish was Krompirjevi cmoki, potato dumplings with diced bacon, chosen on account of my 9 year old nephew Alex who informed me that, “my favorite food is dumplings!” These were also well-received by our kids who asked for seconds instead of desert.

The next fare, savoy cabbage with pancetta, shows a bit of the Northern Italian influence. What I liked about this recipe was the addition of white wine vinegar which gave the dish a slightly tangy flavor which went nicely with the sauteed pancetta and golden onion.

Finally, we made our first attempt at Cevapcici, a small sausage I recall my father Rocky grilling in my youth. There are numerous approaches to Cevapcicis, with different herbs, spices, and meats reflecting the various regions’ culinary traditions, however we chose a blend of grass-fed lamb & forested pork. Cevapcicis are an excellent addition to any meal and rounded off a memorable evening.


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